"Hunger for silence 
Stronger than ever
In the midst of this strangers
How long will this famine go on?
How long will I be starved of silence?
How long will I be starved of privacy?

Strength deserting me
In this strange land
Crowded with energetic strangers
Comfort zone!
Personal space!
Fill me now
Ship me away
For I am shrinking faster than my legs"

The Beast Within


Introducing me

I am a beast

I take the back seat

I come when I know I am needed

I act immediately

I let you see through my eyes by making you see nothing

I take away your sense of reasoning

I give you the boldness you thought you never had

I give you the energy you never knew existed

I am the boss of my prey

I let you sit back till I am done

I put just one thought in your head, DESTROY!!!

My name is RAGE, Son of ANGER, and I listen to no one while I am in charge


Cry of a Sugar-Freak

Oh My Beautiful Obsession

I waited patiently for you

I heard the call

I felt your presence

I saw the light

It shone so bright I thought I had gone blind

Then I saw you

I stretched out my hand,

But it wasn’t long enough.

I called out to you,

But my voice wasn’t loud enough.

I waved, but you just wouldn’t look my way.

I watched you get far away from me.

I just couldn’t let the tears fall as I saw that villain take you.

My cake! My sweet cake!!

Till next time, when I will get to savor that sweetness and satisfaction.

And to that cake stealing villain,

I’ll watch out for your kind next time.


Divided Love

The heart loves you
The body loves the poison
I get drunk on you
I get drunk on the poison
I find it hard to live without you
I find it hard to live without the poison
Here I stand
Offering you my divided love
Hoping it will not be too toxic like the poison
Hoping it won’t make you sad
I’m a drunk lover